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The Best Ways to Maximise a Small Garden

Space management techniques can be used to make your existing small garden actually look larger than its size.  Our garden landscaping tips and tricks will also serve the purpose of beautifying your garden and help it make look exotic and full of life. To first start designing your small garden, you will need a plan, alongside your choice of gardening objects such as pots, miniature gazebos, fountains and garden buildings, pallets, bonsai plants and trees, lighting, wine glasses, used paint boxes and any sort of containers that can hold sufficient quantity of mud and water for small plants.

small garden with fence and wheelbarrow

Garden Space Optimisation

  • Measure the volume of space you have allocated for your small garden. List out all the main objects you wish to put in. For example, you may want to have a fountain around which your garden is spread out.
  • Install the fountain and connect the water supply line at the centre of your garden. Spread the organic soil all over the rest of space. The soil bed should be 4” to 8” in depth to accommodate grass and plants. Make the side walls of your garden with wooden boards of the same height. Make provision for draining off excess water. You have to sow the garden grass seeds now. You have to keep the soil moisturised consistently. Use natural fertilizer once a week. The grass will grow within 30 days. Use a lawnmower to even out the top surface.

Garden Plantation

  • Dig in space at equal intervals in your garden to install your favourite plants. If the garden size is too small you can opt for potted bonsai trees and plants.
  • Install flexible water pipes all over the garden and connect them to a single source of water. Choose green colour pipes with a hose opening at each plant. A hose with a controllable knob helps in controlling the supply of water to the plants.
  • Install trellis in your garden now if you would like. Sow creepers like Akebia, Cobaea or Cathedral Bells and allow them to spread over the trellis. You can also install miniature garden arbors, beaded backdrops, cobblestone bridges, waterfalls etc. These structures can create a lovely space and the plants help to bring colour and life to the curves and shapes you create.

Garden Lighting

  • Select intelligent lighting systems for your garden to make it appear bigger. Shadow lighting is helpful for this purpose. You should position the spotlights at 450 angles near the garden structures. This creates a virtual sense of light and shadow to make your garden look bigger than it is.
  • Place the lighting system beneath the waterfalls under water. This gives an exotic appeal to your garden’s appearance at night.
  • Place up lighting systems just beneath the bonsai trees. White light is the most recommended ones as they virtually increase their size.
  • Fairy lights among trellis can also add a cute allure to the space.

red wheelbarrow in small garden

Garden Decoration

Use pots and wine glasses on the borders of your garden with unique herbal plants like basil, chamomile, lemon balm marigold etc. They spread their fragrance throughout your garden as well around in the living space. Bonsai trees are helpful in keeping the air medically hygienic in nature. Once you are happy with the complete garden installation, you should notice the experience a dramatic transformation and hopefully enjoy the quaint space you have created.

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