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Grass with frost on

How To Care for a Lawn Through Winter?

We all pay plenty of attention to our lawns in the summer, there are always products on sale to do the job. However, when the sun sets early and the temperature drops, it might need a different touch. Let’s look at some gardening tips to help you this winter. Don’t Overfeed Generally speaking, you should […]

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pulling out weeds

How To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

The days are getting shorter and darker and the promise of rain is becoming increasingly likely; a sure sign that autumn is upon us. If you’re already yearning for the springtime bees and the summer blooms, we have the checklist that is sure to have you enjoying gardening in winter. To ensure that you have […]

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Garden Designer

Reasons To Hire A Garden Designer

Your garden is an important extension of your home and you need to maintain it just as passionately as your lounge or dining room. The very fact that your garden is outdoors does make this slightly more difficult though as the weather has a massive effect on your ability to grow plants or maintain your […]

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What is Landscape Gardening and What Does it Involve?

Landscape gardening is always thought of as something that only occurs in huge manor homes and parks, however, it’s perfect for your own home’s garden. It’s a beautiful expression of the natural landscape in a domestic setting that people can enjoy publicly or privately. It can incorporate trees, a body of water, statues, fountains, and […]

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chair on decking

Decking Maintenance Tips | Ensure Your Decking Lives a Long Life

During the summer months, you must get your outdoor area looking perfect for all those BBQs with your friends and family. There’s no better way to make your guests jealous than with a well-maintained decking area. The only problem with decking is that it can get pretty dirty and damaged over the winter if you […]

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garden water feature

Things To Consider When Buying A Garden Water Feature

Garden water features are an excellent addition to a garden. They can add that finishing touch to your outdoor space, develop a sense of calm and relaxation in your garden, and they could even be good for the plants and wildlife, depending on the type of water feature you choose. Things To Consider About A […]

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soil and plants

5 Key Tips to Maintaining your Garden this Summer

When spring finally hits, if your garden has been neglected all summer, it can leave you wondering why you should bother fixing it up. However, there are plenty of simple solutions at hand that can help get your garden back in prime health for the warmer months.  The last twelve months have been particularly isolating […]

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well kept garden

How Often Should You Cut Your Lawn?

As the weather begins to turn for the better, you can start to think about your lawn’s first cut of the season. Typically this would be in the springtime, but realistically you can begin to think about mowing the lawn when the outside temperature rises above 10 degrees Celsius. Try to hold off cutting your […]

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Shrubbery in garden

Rock Garden Design Ideas

Rock designs and patterns are some of the best garden ideas to enhance the look of your outdoor space. Rock garden design helps to create a wonderful focal piece with minimal effort. As any garden planner may tell you, there are multiple ways for you to set up rock gardens., you’re sure to find a […]

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large garden shed with window and patio

Winter gardening ideas

In the modern world of lockdowns and restrictions, the garden can be a wonderful little escape from the monotony of daily life. While you might think of gardening as a summer hobby there are many wonderful ways that you can make your garden look appealing and exciting through the colder months of the year. You […]

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