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FieldTurf artificial grass fitted in communal field

Artificial grass is increasingly gaining more popularity across the UK as homeowners realise the potential of this landscaping option. Once seen as an inferior substitute to real grass, artificial grass, it is now being appreciated more and more for it’s minimal maintenance requirements and versatility.

Artificial grass is perfect for sports areas

Both these features make it an excellent option for big stately homes and sports arenas, which often have a lot of surface area to manage and can save a lot of staff hours in maintenance time usually spent mowing, scarifying, reseeding and watering large grass sections. Artificial grass is also perfect for domestic homes in the modern era, where individuals have minimal time for landscaping and gardening and want to enjoy a garden full of greenery with minimal maintenance. 

Green Gardens All Year Round


Offering greenery all year round, artificial grass gives a much more consistent look for your garden without all the worry. You can also customise your garden look and feel with the huge variety of grass lengths available, with some stronger than others to accommodate larger amounts of foot traffic or pets racing around after a ball. 

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