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Top 11 Tips for Gardening in the Spring

The cold weather slowly begins to warm up, thoughts turn to sunshine and lazy days in the garden. Spring is on its way, so it’s time to get in the garden and vanquish the winter and get it ready for the year ahead. If you’re chomping at the bit to get outside, we’ve got 11 […]

Why you should have a water feature in your garden

There are various reasons why many people have water features in their garden, some to list are positive health benefits primarily dropping blood pressure and stress levels as well as improving physical and mental health. Today’s world is full of technology sometimes you may need to just escape that, and the soothing sound of a […]

Ideas for Flower Garden Designs and Flower Beds

A flower garden looks and grows better if each bed is well-planned and carefully designed. So, before planting that first bulb or seedling, consider how it will look like once fully grown. Designing the flower garden and the beds is not just for aesthetic results. It is also for efficient growth and easy maintenance. To […]

Top Garden Design Trends of 2013

Your Garden is an extension of your home, like an extra room with a touch more sun (and rain), so it is essential to treat it with the care and planning you would a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. When renovating our homes we tend to look to the latest fashions and classic ideas for inspiration […]