Garden Designer – Ready…Steady…Garden!

Most people wouldn’t think twice about employing a builder or an architect if you were looking to extend or refurbish your home. We wouldn’t give a second thought to someone to help plan other important parts of our lives. So why do gardens get neglected? Here is why you should consider hiring a garden planner:

Garden Design

While we spend lots of time and money on making the inside of our homes look their best, our gardens deserve the same. Creating our oasis of tranquillity in our outdoor spaces is vital, especially with all the stresses of modern life. If you’re not the most green-fingered person, don’t give up hope. Hiring a garden designer might be the thing you’ve always needed, without even knowing it.

It’s important to stress right away that when we talk about a garden designer, we’re not talking about a builder, nor do we mean a gardener. Whilst these two will have the skills that a garden needs, neither will be able to professionally design a garden.

Garden Designer

Garden designers, like designers in any sector, will have qualifications that are based on key design elements that come together to bring an idea to life. These can include spatial understanding as well as computer-aided design. When it comes to your home’s garden, they’ll also know plants and aggregates.

If you’re looking out at your garden and feel a sense of sadness, then it might be time to get yourself some design help, but what do they do and what can you expect from them?

Most garden designers tend to work on a design-only basis. In other words, they will take responsibility for the layout, the specifications of materials and sometimes work with you to find the appropriate contractors to carry out the work. They will also act on your behalf when it comes to technicalities of the design, but they won’t be ones doing the work.

gardening with gloves and pretty flower in palm of hands

Landscape Gardeners

The first meeting will be to help the designer understand your ideas and any concepts you might have. They will need to see the garden in its current state, your budget, and understand any limitations you might not realise are there, i.e. pipes. The initial consultation will look at many factors, some of which you may not be aware of. For example, the direction of the sun will play a part if you’re wanting an area for some sun-worship or where the drains are located.

This site survey will see the transformation from the initial simple sketches to a detailed plan for scale. As the customer, you will be asked to comment, and it will start to bring your ideas to life before a master plan is produced. Once approved, the ball can start to roll on creating the garden of your dreams.

Back Garden Design

Depending on how complex your design is, there may be some work needed on creating any tender documents if you’re working on larger projects that require multiple contractors. 

A good garden designer will do so much more than just design your garden on a piece of paper. They will interpret your ideas, however vague, into a tangible space you’ll be proud to own. They offer fresh ideas, specialist knowledge, and experience in a whole manner of garden-related factors. With the weather warming up, there’s never been a better time to create a garden that will inspire you, and a garden designer is just a phone call away.


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