How Gardens Have Changed Through Time

People, especially in the UK, have always loved their gardens. Gardens are your individual patch of land, a part of the Earth that belongs to you. Throughout generations gardens have been used to express people’s tastes in the serene, they’re the spaces people use to relax from the stress of daily life and to get back to nature. Trends in gardens change as frequently as trends in interior design but one thing never changes, from functionality to entertainment, gardens have always been an important part of the home.

Gardens as a Life Source

The origin of gardens is simple: they were used to provide food. Going green and growing food is trendy in modern day Britain but if you look back 100 years you will see that having an edible garden was a necessity. During the wars times were hard and food was rationed, people would grow their own vegetables in their patches of land (or city allotments) to better feed their families and subsidise the food they could buy, growing potatoes, parsnips, carrots and cabbages was a part of family life and a resource people relied on.

Plant-less Gardens

During the 1970’s gardening fell out of fashion, in place of lush green lawns and vegetable patches gardens were paved over and filled with pebbles and stones for a hassle free environment. Gardens were used more as a place for entertainment than for the act of physically gardening, people didn’t want to deal with pests and weeds and so opted for lower maintenance outside space. Though they might have cut down on a chore or two they missed those Sunday afternoons spent tending plants and the feel of soft grass under their feet.

Gardening Today

Gardening is back in our lives and here to stay. Trends from all over the world infiltrate our outside space, you only have to look over your neighbour’s fences to see Grecian fountains, Japanese statues and sleek, modern water features. Garden design is on a par with interior design and people are taking their space seriously and implementing their style and taste onto what could have been a patch of bland, colourless land.

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