Kite Landscapes: Make The Most Of Your Garden This Winter

Now you’ve already tackled the mammoth task of improving your home, it’s time to start work on the garden. You may not associate garden improvements with winter as many of us only use our gardens in the summer, but now is as good a time as any, to make a start on our garden improvements. After all if you’re going to make a mess you might as well do it when your garden’s not in use, that way it’s ready for spring.

It’s time to bring your garden to life.

Outdoor Heaters

Just because the weather is a little chilly at the minute it doesn’t mean that your garden is off limits. There’s something about watching the moonlight twinkle in the sky on a cool, crisp autumn evening.  Now might be the time to invest in an outdoor heater that way you can still enjoy your garden and you’ll still keep cosy and warm.

Bring the Indoors Outside

Treat your garden like an extra room. Create some outdoor living space by incorporating a table and chairs or a seating area so you can enjoy your gorgeous garden. For events and parties bring out blankets and throws so your guests can enjoy the magical fireworks and keep warm under the stars.


Make your garden sparkle with outdoor LEDs or fairy lights; these are the perfect way to set a beautiful scene despite the wintery weather. Not only will they add a little bit of magic to the garden it will also provide soft dim lighting for watching the stars in the evening.

Water Fountain/ Feature

Having a water fountain in the garden is just stunning and will become the focal point in the garden; water features are great in the garden in both summer and winter. In the winter the icy cold water will glisten in the early morning sunrise, making your garden look like something out of a fairy tale and what better time to get it done than before spring.


You may have a nice outside seating area but having to traipse over a muddy garden to get to it in this weather can somewhat dampen the mood. Now is the best time to get your garden patio sorted as garden designers get booked up quickly come the spring.

Here at Kite Landscapes we specialise all aspects of garden design from patios to water features. Our experienced team are committed to your garden project. For more information please feel free to browse our website or contact us directly for a quote.