The Most Beautiful Flowers to Plant in Your Garden

Flowers have always had an irreplaceable part in people’s lives when it comes to garden maintenance. They exist to beautify the natural world, symbolize values and traits, and take part in the cycle of life itself. People, for the most part, value flowers because of their unique blooms and their ability to give colour and vibrancy to places of interest like gardens.

While there are many garden flowers that can take root in the comfort of one’s home, there are also a noted few that upon reaching full maturity are simply breathtaking and entrancing to look at. These are the most beautiful flowers for your garden and planting them will be a cinch once you understand the ways of tending to them.

Blanket Flower

One is the Blanket Flower. From the family of sunflowers, this wildflower is a perennial. They are also drought-resistant and heat-tolerant, which makes them ideal to be planted during summer. The flower comes in gold, brown, and red, and the 3-inch petals have a lot in common with daisies. They are quite short-lived, but they are said to bloom too much and are easy to grow again as long as pollinators are encouraged, and old blooms remain.

Blanket flower


Next is the Veronica. The flowers are distinguishable by the spiked cluster of blue, white, or red blooms that change from early summer and into the fall. Depending on where they are planted, they may either favour heat or thrive better under shade. Varieties of this flower are well-received and favoured by beginner and expert gardeners alike.


Third is the Phlox. Growing 3-4 feet tall, they bear lightly fragrant flowers of assorted colours ranging from purple, white, and pink to red. They can be potted and are extremely low-maintenance.

Phlox flower


Peonies are also a viable choice. They are long-lived perennial flowers. They form 2-4 feet clumps of shrub-like branches that bear a rich tapestry of coloured blooms. They are tough, which means they are able to come back into their full colour every year. Peonies come in two types: the commonly-grown herbaceous or garden peony, and the tree peony that grows slowly but has a wooden-based trunk and is, therefore, tougher than the other.


One other recommendation is the Daffodil. Dependable and perennial, their bulbs bloom in spring. Their flowers have the appearance of a trumpet surrounded by a perianth, or a collar of petals. The perianth’s colours vary; it can be yellow, red, orange, peach, or plain white. There are many types and varieties of the flower, and all of these are appreciated and planted in special areas to provide a feeling of solace just by looking at them.

Of course, there are a lot more garden flowers to choose from. Some are simple and easy to care for; others are a bit more challenging. Like any other blooms, though, what requires for them to grow is attention and time from the person who planted them. Just exert a little bit of hard work and dedication, and in no time, these flowers will be the crowning glory of your very own patch of beauty.