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decking in a beautiful garden

Decking Boards | Everything you need to know

The outdoor space of every home acts as an extension of its interior. As such, it only makes sense that you build or update your deck to boost its value or even provide a peaceful retreat. However, decking can be an especially overwhelming job for homeowners. There are so many decking material options to choose […]

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5 Creative Small Garden Ideas to Maximise Space

If you have a small garden area, but you desperately want it to not only look great but also have some style, you might have to get creative. Maximising space is one thing you seriously have to consider. There are lots of ways to use small garden designs to maximise space and to take your […]

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4 Garden Design Ideas Your Bound to Love

Finding a garden design that is unique and will suit the shape of your garden is not a simple task to get right. Proper planning can really make you create a paradise and with summer approaching you will be able to be out there all summer long. An awkward shaped or small garden can be […]

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kids summer garden party

Thinking Ahead | Get Your Garden Ready for Those Summer Parties

Summer’s fast approaching, and with bank holiday weekends, longer evenings, and (hopefully) better weather, it’s time to start thinking about BBQs and summer parties. Here are our tips for preparing your garden for summer.

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Fabulous Ways to Decorate Your Garden with Rocks

Natural and rustic resources should be everybody’s initial choice when beautifying the outdoors, and after reading our blog having a rock garden will certainly be on your wishlist this summer for an enjoyable place to be while the sun is shining. Use rocks to transform a basic and dull back garden into a relaxing space. […]

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Large fenced backyards with fall landscape and view of the deck.

How To Increase The Value Of Your Home With Your Green Space  

There are endless films that have referenced New York City’s Central Park, that utopia of green spaces, cultivated and aesthetically pleasing. But sometimes a walk to the park requires more energy than needed. The allure of a small homegrown hedge is enough to remove the stress of a bad day. You get home, reach for […]

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Fountain water feature in a garden with running water

Why you should have a water feature in your garden

There are various reasons why many people have water features in their garden, some to list are positive health benefits primarily dropping blood pressure and stress levels as well as improving physical and mental health. Today’s world is full of technology sometimes you may need to just escape that, and the soothing sound of a […]

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What is Tree Surgery?

The term tree surgery refers to the repair of trees that are damaged. This includes the removal of diseased parts of the tree, filling tree cavities, as well as preventing any further decay of the tree. Tree surgery also involves the strengthening of tree branches using braces. The profession entails planting, pruning and general treatment […]

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Arid Garden plant

What are Arid Gardens?

People live in various geographical zones which experience different climatic and weather conditions. Despite this, we all love to have some garden within our compounds to bring about the feel of nature home. As a result, people have looked for various ways to ensure that, no matter the climatic conditions or geographical locations, every person […]

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Cleaning decking

How to clean decking

When it comes to aesthetically pleasing architectural works, wood has become the preferred choice because of its affordability and design. One such work or platform is the decking. Your own decking will be the heart and foundation for social gatherings, from the usual Sunday family brunches to special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.

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